Alpha First Securities Launch

8 July 2016

With a strong property market and a low interest rate environment, banks are struggling to offer competitive rates, and other high yield investment opportunities lack the required risk profile for many investors. New to the market Alpha First Securities is offering a high return, transparent and flexible, investment option with strong security.

Alpha First Securities facilitates lending directly between wholesale investors and borrowers, with investors being offered a range of deal based options to choose from.

 “We are seeing compelling lending opportunities, secured by first ranking mortgages over saleable land and buildings, generate between 7 and 9% net of all costs,” says Alpha First general manager Freddy Davison.

“But the big attraction with Alpha First Securities is that investors have a high degree of control and flexibility. They get to choose which deals they invest in, not us. This means they can drive past it every day if they want.”

“Another advantage is that we are not a finance company with all their associated costs, you lend directly to the borrower and the borrower pays the interest and principal directly to you. In addition, the investors are registered directly on the mortgages giving them greater control. We appoint Simpson Grierson to ensure the securities are in place and each loan is documented in line with its proposal and we have appointed Staples Rodway to monitor the loans using industry leading technology powered by Xero.”

“Another key feature of the product is its transparency,” says Davison. “Because the money changes hands directly between investor and borrower there can be no hidden margins or rates. We make our money on a straight fee charged to borrowers. It’s simple, competitive and low risk.”

Alpha First Securities is not available to retail investors and only available to wholesale investors with $100,000+ to invest.

Contact: Freddy Davison.