I’m just an everyday person with funds to invest, do I qualify as an Eligible or Wholesale Investor?

Eligible Investor

You can self-certify yourself to be an Eligible Investor (which is a type of wholesale investor) if you have sufficient experience in acquiring or disposing of financial products which enables you to assess:

  • The merits of the transaction or any opportunity presented to you.
  • The adequacy of the information presented to you.
  • Your own information needs in order to make your own information decision.

Should you think that ‘Eligible Investor’ suits your circumstances and you wish to register you will need to complete an Eligible Investor Certificate and have an Eligible Investor Certification executed by a Financial Adviser, Lawyer or Qualified Accountant.

For more information please refer to “Eligible Investor” as described in Clause 41 of Schedule 1 of the Act.

Please note, if necessary, we may ask for further information regarding your eligibility as an “Eligible Investor”.

Wholesale Investor

A Wholesale investor is an experienced or habitual investor, they are commercially knowledgeable people or organisations that have sufficient and genuine investment experience which means that they don’t require disclosure, and have a good understanding of how different investment products work.  Most of Alpha First investors are Wholesale Investors.

  • There are a number of criteria that could qualify a person or entity to be a wholesale investor. Such as:
  • You can show that within the past two years you’ve been involved in significant investment activity. This means you have owned a financial portfolio worth at least $1 million; or, you have carried out transactions to buy financial products worth $1 million or more.
  • You’re a ‘large investor’ in that your net assets, or consolidated turnover over the past two financial years, is $5 million or more.
  • Your ‘investment amount’ is at least $750,000 into any one loan offer.
  • To see if you qualify as a Wholesale Investor please read the Wholesale Investor Criteria here Wholesale Investor Criteria.
How much do I have to invest?

At Alpha First we have a minimum investment amount of $100,000.  Depending on the loan, you may wish to invest the whole amount of the loan, or a portion of it. 

What happens if I need to exit the loan early?

If for any reason you need to exit the loan before the end of the term, Alpha First will attempt to replace your funds in the loan with another investor.

While we cannot guarantee to achieve this in the time that you need it, to date we’ve not had a circumstance where we haven’t been able to fulfill an investor’s request for an exit.

Please note: Alpha First will on-charge to the existing investor any fees from the solicitors involved to recover legal costs that will arise from variations made to mortgage and security documents.

What happens if the borrower does not make their monthly interest payments?

Most loans are structured so that the interest for the loan term (or part of it) is retained in the Trust Account and paid monthly to investors. At the beginning of the loan, you’ll be made aware of the interest structure when you receive a copy of the executed Loan Offer (terms agreed to with the borrower).

We carefully track monthly interest payments, and we are highly responsive to any issues, should they arise. If the borrower misses an interest payment, our role is to ensure that what is owed, including interest, is promptly recovered.

Alpha First is proud of our long-standing track record of consistency and reliability. We have not lost investment funds or interest owed to our investors and we work hard to maintain our highly credible reputation in this area.

Disclaimer: Minimum investment of $100,000. Only available to Eligible and Wholesale investors under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. Alpha First Mortgage Investment Limited arranges mortgage investments but is not the issuer or a guarantor, and does not provide any financial advice on whether or not an investment is right for you. Investors should consider obtaining financial advice before investing.