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What Alpha First can do for you

At Alpha First we source sound investment opportunities secured by first mortgages over property, General Security Deed, and Personal Guarantees.

We have access to a network of accredited mortgage brokers, professional advisers, and borrowers throughout New Zealand.

We offer the added benefit of paying interest on loans each month, generating a monthly income for our investors.  We don’t deduct costs or fees from your interest.

At the end of the loan term, you can have your investment funds returned to you or choose to have other opportunities presented to you.

What Alpha First Mortgage Investments can do for you

How it works

Alpha First Mortgage Investments Process Diagram
Alpha First Mortgage Investments Process Diagram

The Alpha Advantage


Competitive Returns

Your funds will earn interest rates of between 9 – 10% pa net (less RWT) and be invested for terms between 12-24 months.


Monthly Interest Payments (less RWT)

Enjoy a monthly income, with no deduction of costs or fees.


Sound Security

Our registered first mortgages are secured over saleable land and buildings. The borrower also provides personal guarantees, and we secure a General Security Deed over the borrowing entity.


High Loan Transparency

We provide you with a full Investment Information Pack for each loan opportunity. This contains all the information that we used to make our lending decision, including, but not limited to:

  • Full Executive Summary
  • Structure of loan
  • Borrower’s capability and credit reports
  • Market commentary
  • Valuation report – from an approved valuer
  • Executed Loan offer
  • Financial statements
  • Photo ID
  • If applicable: relevant consent, construction plans and costing, and Quantity Surveyor reports.

Extensive due-diligence

We carry out extensive due-diligence relating to loan purpose, security properties, and borrowers. Alpha First inspect every security property and meet borrowers personally before approving any loan. We assess a borrower’s capability, past experience, professional advisers, and their repayment/exit strategy.


Control and Flexibility

You decide on your investment, with terms available from 12-24 months, and can choose to invest any amount from $100,000. You only deposit your funds into the Ellice Tanner Hart Lawyers Trust Account after choosing an investment opportunity that you feel comfortable with.

Our process

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Register as an Alpha First Investor. (Registration does not obligate you to invest)

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We’ll send Investment Information Packs for you to consider.

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You’ll need to conduct due diligence, ask questions, and if you are happy to participate in the loan then confirm to Alpha First how much you would like to invest.

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You’ll be provided with the documents confirming you are willing to invest. These include an Agency and Management Deed that sets out how Alpha First works in your best interests throughout the loan. It explains how we manage the loan in all aspects.

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You’ll deposit your funds to the Ellice Tanner Hart Trust account.

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Simpson Grierson Lawyers Auckland, finalise all of the loan securities and register the mortgage on the security property with your name noted as a lender in the mortgage.

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Throughout the loan term you will receive your interest paid monthly to your nominated bank account (less RWT).

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Alpha First will keep you updated during the loan term if applicable e.g construction/development milestones met or sales achieved.

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At the end of the investment term, you can choose to reinvest or have your funds deposited to your nominated bank account.

Disclaimer: Minimum investment of $100,000. Only available to Eligible and Wholesale investors under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. Alpha First Mortgage Investment Limited arranges mortgage investments but is not the issuer or a guarantor, and does not provide any financial advice on whether or not an investment is right for you. Investors should consider obtaining financial advice before investing.