Phil Hanrahan

Alpha First Advisory Board Member

An experienced CEO and Company Director with a diverse background, Phil Hanrahan has acquired, sold, and managed multiple businesses during his career.

Among the industries he has worked in are Construction, Aviation, Dairy, Logistics, Finance, and Hospitality. Phil holds tertiary qualifications in Engineering, Finance, Planning, and Operations Management. In addition to his extensive experience, Phil has been a consultant to boards, a board chair, and an independent board member of several successful companies.

Particularly adept at governance, strategic planning, and general management, Phil has a strong focus on outcomes that maximise efficiencies, minimise waste, and improve communication.

In the past two decades, Phil has operated his own finance company, specialising in high-value and complex loans for developments, as well as managing a large investment portfolio for a wealthy Waikato family.

A family man and father of three, Phil actively contributes his time and resources to multiple charities, especially those supporting young people. When not working, he attends to his 15-acre property in Tamahere and enjoys his passion for motorbikes.

Phil Hanrahan - Alpha First Advisory Board Member