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Alpha First is a family-owned and operated mortgage investment firm based in Cambridge, New Zealand. We’re proudly 100% New Zealand-owned, with a growing network of registered investors nationwide who enjoy the benefits of investing through Alpha First.  We value meeting face to face with as many investors as we can across the country, understanding how important it is for investors to get to know us.

Our friendly, and approachable team has extensive experience in the property transactional lending sector, with deep knowledge of the industry. Since our establishment in 2016, we have facilitated hundreds of successful first mortgage investments for our clients. We are proud of our strong track record of securing sound loan opportunities for our investors.

Our alliance with Omega Capital, a successful brokerage company financing property developers and investors across New Zealand, gives Alpha First investors prime access to opportunities to invest in registered first mortgages secured over saleable land and buildings.

In a recent Alpha First Investor Satisfaction Survey*, close to 100% of survey respondents said they intend to continue to invest with Alpha First.
Investor feedback included an appreciation for the product we offer with competitive returns, regular monthly payments, strong security for the loan, and transparency of loan borrower details. They also liked our personal approach, the solid due diligence we carry out on borrowers, and the transparency of loans.

At Alpha First, we want all our investors, existing and new, to get the most out of their first mortgage investments. It’s also important to us that we take the time to get to know you, understand your motivations for investing, your lending preferences, and discuss any concerns you might have.

If you’d like to know more about Alpha First, please call us, we’d love to discuss with you how you can create an income from mortgage investments. There is no obligation to invest and your discussion with us is always confidential.

* Investor Satisfaction Survey June 2022

Who We Are - Alpha First

Our people

Phil Hanrahan - Alpha First Advisory Board Member

Phil Hanrahan

Alpha First Advisory Board Member

Olivia Fraser - Alpha First

Olivia Fraser

Director – Investor Relations

Scott Massey - Alpha First

Nikki Wood

Manager – Lending and Loans

Scott Massey - Alpha First

Tracey Harvey

Marketing Manager

Scott Massey - Alpha First

Meghan Benjamin

Loans Administrator

Scott Massey - Alpha First

Toni Pennell

Office Administrator & AML Compliance Officer

Scott Massey, Co-founder

October 1949 – April 2023

Scott Massey co-founded Alpha First Mortgage Investments in 2016 alongside his daughter, Olivia Fraser.

He developed a unique set of skills during his 30+ year career and was an expert at financing development projects, and refinancing and restructuring property loans. He also spent many years involved in commercial property sales, developments, and investment transactions.

When Scott saw an opportunity to establish a first mortgage investment product tailored specifically to providing non-bank finance to the property market, he backed himself and launched Alpha First Mortgage Investments to the New Zealand wholesale investor market.

From the outset he was passionate about serving investors, and he spearheaded the company’s growth to become a nationally-recognised brand. Thanks to his vision, commitment and leadership, Alpha First has facilitated hundreds of successful first mortgage investments over the last decade.

Scott was extremely proud of the loyal following he, Olivia, and the Alpha First team established among investors. It was important to him that investors’ interests remained at the very heart of Alpha First.

Today, Olivia continues to honour her father’s legacy by maintaining that high level of service, investor satisfaction and strong loyalty while the company continues to grow.

Scott Massey - Co-founder

Scott Massey


Disclaimer: Minimum investment of $100,000. Only available to Eligible and Wholesale investors under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. Alpha First Mortgage Investment Limited arranges mortgage investments but is not the issuer or a guarantor, and does not provide any financial advice on whether or not an investment is right for you. Investors should consider obtaining financial advice before investing.